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Below is a list of some movies that include depictions of teacher-student/classroom interactions. They show several practical examples of applying concepts of brain research to the classroom.

  • “Dead Poet Society” starring Robin Williams, rated PG.
  • “Freedom Writers” starring Hilary Swank, rated PG-13.
  • “Mr. Holland’s Opus” starring Richard Dreyfuss, rated PG.
  • “Pay it Forward” starring Kevin Spacey, rated PG-13.

You can download the lesson plans for "the line game" and "toast for change" in Resource Materials at the Freedom Writers movie website:

You can view these movie clips to spot examples of applying brain concepts to stimulating learning in the classroom:
Dead Poet Society movie trailer

Mr. Holland's Opus movie trailer

Pay it Forward movie clip - the assignment

There is a "Learning and the Brain" conference every year. Here's a link to more information on the conference. If you click on "site map", you can get information about previous conferences (the featured speakers and abstracts of their topics. Although there is a fee, you can also get a membership that grants you access to various resources such as brain materials, articles, and lesson plans. Learning and the Brain website

Piaget's Stages of Intellectual Development

YouTube Vision of K-12 Students Today

You Tube: Schema

You Tube: Akeelah and the Bee 5. Jumping Rope

You Tube: Brain Rules in the Classroom

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